Publications & Research

Publication: Our first Data Nugget publication is out in the January 2015 issue of the American Biology Teacher. We hope this paper will introduce Data Nuggets to a broader audience of teachers. Click here for a PDF!

Schultheis, E. H., and M. K. Kjelvik. 2015. Data Nuggets: Bringing Real Data into the Classroom to Unearth Students’ Quantitative & Inquiry Skills. The American Biology Teacher 77(1):19-29.

NSF DRK-12 Research Study: We are conducting a research study, in partnership with MSU and BSCS, to evaluate the effectiveness of integrating Data Nuggets into science curriculum. This research will help to determine whether these short activities can increase the quantitative abilities of students and their ability to think scientifically and support claims using data as evidence. We expect students in classrooms using Data Nuggets will demonstrate:

  1. A deeper understanding of quantitative reasoning in the context of science

  2. Improved understanding of the practices and processes of science, particularly in the areas of analyzing and interpreting data and using mathematics and computational thinking

  3. Greater engagement in the practices of science in the classroom

  4. Greater motivation to engage in science and improved general interest in science

For a press release on the project, check out the page on BSCS’s website here.

LTER Data Nuggets: Data Nuggets are currently funded by the KBS LTER to develop new activities that focus on available long-term datasets, and expand students’ exposure to data of different levels of complexity. To explore these resources, check out our page here!