Slides from recent Data Nugget talks, workshops, and posters

Increase your broader impacts while improving science education – Van Andel Workshop 2017

Data Nuggets: Scaffolding claim-evidence-reasoning using real data in context – Michigan Science Teacher Association (MSTA) 2017

Why so blue? The determinants of color pattern in killifish – BEACON Evolution Symposium, National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) 2016

Data Nuggets: Increase your broader impacts while improving science education – Michigan State University, Physics Education Research Seminar 2016

Adapting Data Nuggets for College Introductory Biology Courses – Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research (SABER) 2016 National Meeting

Data Nuggets: Bringing authentic research and data into the classroom to unearth students’ quantitative and inquiry skills – QUBES/BioQuest Workshop 2016

Scientific data in schools: Measuring the efficacy of an innovative approach to integrating quantitative reasoning in secondary science – NSF DRK-12 PI Meeting Poster 2016